Economic Guidelines (Vol. 2)

Ecological Recycling Agriculture (II from IV)

Artur Granstedt, Karin Stein-Bachinger, Henning Hervik, Helle Reeder, Jaroslaw Stalenga, Wijnand Koker, Moritz Reckling, Johannes Hufnagel


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The Economic Guidelines give advice and support to farmers how to plan the conversion process and highlight how the changes to ERA farming will affect farm economy.

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Economy comes from the Greek word ”oikos” which means house and ”nomos” which means custom. Economy is about looking after your house. It may be your home, farm or greenhouse but in a wider sense it could also be the national or global economy as well as the ecosystem and the biosphere. Ecology has the same word stem as economy, and is about the relationship between living organisms and their “house”, their environment. It is obvious that these two houses are intimately connected with each other. Ecological products often have a higher consumer price than nonecological products because production costs tend to increase when environmentally friendly methods are used. Overall, ecological farming endeavours to use local resources, recycle nutrients, strive for self-sufficiency and enhance the services of the ecosystem. Thus the consumer price reflects more accurate production cost when considering the environmental effects of farming. There is no ecological economy separate from conventional economy. Both are subject to today’s prevailing economic system in which the flow of goods and inputs are valued in monetary terms. As a producer you can build your brand and charge it with positive features such as clean, good and ecological. Customers, who are willing to pay for these features, will pay the premium price you ask for. However, in every business it is necessary to identify your market and set up a profitable enterprise if you want to make a living out of it.

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