Marketing Guidelines (Vol. 3)

Ecological Recycling Agriculture (III from IV)

Karin Stein-Bachinger, Moritz Reckling, Johannes Hufnagel, Artur Granstedt


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In the "Marketing Guidelines", farmers can find support and ideas that continue to promote and sell organic and ecologically balanced agricultural products.

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The organic food market is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Organic farming in the world covers 37 million hectares, and the global market for organic products, was valued with $ 62,8 billion (Sahota 2010). Growing interest in organic is a food trend occurring not only in Europe, but throughout the world. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to food safety, the source of its origin and the way of its production. Organic and ERA farming brings major advantages. First of all the ability to preserve traditional forms of agriculture and rural development which in a broader concept is the benefit of a social nature. Next is the ecological benefit, as organic agriculture and organic production do not bring a burden to the environment. With the exclusion of pesticides and mineral nitrogen fertilizers, it reduces considerably the contamination of soil and groundwater, reduces the leaching of nutrients from the soil, and promotes biodiversity. Ecological farms are often small family businesses, where emphasis is put on the quality of the product and efficiency and the scale of production

Contents: Analysis of the initial status, Strategy of promotion and marketing, Goals, Target groups, Strategical assumptions concerning brand message and communication, Selection of the media and channels to reach target groups, Recommended marketing tools for ERA farms, Forms of product sales, Direct sale, Indirect sale and possibilities of export of ERA products, Competition, Examples of good ERA practicesin the range of promotion and marketing.

The information contained in this book was prepared by the authors to the best of their knowledge and was reviewed with the greatest care by the assistance of external experts. Nevertheless mistakes may not be completely ruled out. For this reason all of the information is given without any obligation or guarantee on the part of the authors. The guidelines and all of their contents are protected by copyright. The material may be reproduced and shared among potential users. The reference to the authors is obligatory.

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